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Shouting into the Void

Or whispering. I'm a little too self-conscious to shout advertisements into the white noise that is the internet.

As any less popular creator will tell you, it's disheartening to take your meticulously crafted art and send it into the endless ocean of media where it goes often unnoticed. I don't even want to think about what it would be like to rely on it financially. I guess I'd probably lose that self-consciousness if I were hungry enough.

Audiobooks aren't an easy thing to pitch if the recipient isn't already into them. And as Playing Gods is an original production, it doesn't have any built-in audience. And I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a "Yeah, I'll listen to it" or "That sounds cool. I'll check it out.". I don't blame anyone for that. Assuming you're not just humoring someone, it's hard to remember to check those things out in the land of plenty that is modern media.

So you keep creating. Just dropping it would be an insult to everyone who took a leap of faith with Playing Gods. Maybe it's not popular, but I'd rather it be something obscure & that I'm proud of than a popular thing that I blasted out as part of a flood of half-assed works.

Speaking of, back to writing Playing Gods 4, and trying not to think about all the ridiculous sound design challenges I've set myself up for in Playing Gods 3. Seriously, I'm gonna be cursing my past-self's name on that one.

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