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Book 3 post production begins!

It's that time again where Playing Gods is out of the director's hands and back into mine. And here I stand, looking in the crowded bookshelf that is my life and trying to find a spot in which to wedge it.

This is also the part where I start cursing my former self for writing something with such complicated sound design elements. "Why can't everyone just sit down, have some tea, and rationally express their feeling in a constructive manner?", I say.

"Because you remember what happens when a book is nothing but tea and talking and horse riding." (Seriously screw horse sound design. Who the f*** needs four different gaits?), my past self responds.
"Ok, well why can't they fight normally? Why do they have to go so fast that I have to put like 30 sound effects in the span of four seconds?", I whine.
"Because super fast fighting is cool and it sounds cool and you know it. Will you stop bitching and do the book already? You remember it being easy, making all of these plot threads fit together in interesting ways?", my past self retorts.

Man, I hate that guy. Maybe I have nobody but myself to blame but I can still blame myself aloud and with increasing levels of high-pitched voice-cracking indignity. And I still expect sympathy! Also, dear GOD this scene at the end. You guys will know it when you hear it but I still don't have any idea how in the hell I expected to pull this one off.

How could I do this to me!?

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