AutoGod® Feature Guide

Welcome, and thank you for purchasing your brand-new, Sync®-brand AutoGod® System, for Sybar® OS! Watching every cycle, so you don’t have toTM.

Note: running the AutoGod® outside of Sybar® operating platforms is not officially supported.

As you have purchased the [Starter Subscription] and are a new customer, we are providing you with a guide to the basic functions of your new AutoGod® System! We hope you will find the AutoGod® a convenient and essential part of your regular world management tasks!

AutoGod® fully integrates with your Sync® master account. Sign into your Sync® account to SyncTM your access profile settings, link existing personal, timesharing, and networking accounts, and upgrade your subscription to the AutoGod® System and other Sync® products.

Upon a successful SyncTM, you will be presented with the AutoGod®’s simple, intuitive interface. The AutoGod® “single pane of glass” console is a complete Management System Interface for mortals, worlds, world systems, planes*, and zehuderan**. This guide will provide a non-exhaustive feature list for the AutoGod® system and its plethora of useful functions. For further information and customer support, please reach out to the AutoGod® Helpdesk on Sync®’s NexNet site. We offer support for all Sync® products “AT/ET” (all tetra / every tetra).


  1. Species Profile Management

    Whether you have created one, two, or twenty species, the AutoGod® Species Profile Management interface allows you to organize and review data not only on the species but on VIMs (Very Important Mortals) you register within the species. Easily arrange need-to-know information and keep abreast of all evolutionary, societal, and technological updates relevant to you with customizable categories.

    (For assistance with species creation, look no further than the Sync®-brand Genesis® System, for Sybar® OS! Featuring cross-compatibility with AutoGod®, Genesis® provides a straightforward means for designing your species. Whether you want to keep it simple or are planning ambitious create-your-own endeavors, Genesis® provides exactly what you need to design your new species to your exact specifications. Visit the Sync® NexNet site for more information on Genesis®: The Creation That Helps Creators Create.TM)

  2. Evolutionary Roadmap

    Regardless of how your species is designed, evolution will take place, and not necessarily in your intended direction. With the AutoGod® Evolutionary Roadmap system, you can direct such evolution along your chosen path, maintain a consistent evolutionary profile across multiple worlds, or even freeze it altogether. The AutoGod® provides a suite of options for influencing genetic adaptation, no matter the world, environment, or biological makeup! Simply upload your chosen world’s ecological data, and the AutoGod® will automatically highlight options statistically proven to be effective within that environment.

  3. Subconscious Suggestion System

    As with physical evolution, societies and cultures evolve and adapt when left to their own devices, but the changes can be even faster and harder to keep track of than physical evolution. The AutoGod® Subconscious Suggestion System provides the means to influence everything from your species’ average personality tendencies and cultural preferences to locking down their language and technological progression! You will find an exhaustive list of guides to tailor to your satisfaction. Those who do not wish to delve into these settings will find that the default profile is already configured with the settings that Sync® recommends for any new species.

    The AutoGod® Subconscious Suggestion System: Make Your Ideas Their Ideas!TM

  4. PE Tracking, PE Flow Reporting, and the ForecastTM System

    Manage your worlds and track your finances all in one convenient location! With AutoGod® PE Flow Reporting, you can see exactly how well your mortals are faring and monitor your planar energy data in realtime. With simple and easy-to-read graphs, you can view historic PE data and trends, or use predictive analytics to estimate how your PE income will look in the future!

    NEW!! The AutoGod® ForecastTM system will predict how changes to your evolutionary and subconscious guides will affect PE generation with up to 87% accuracy!*** See what your decisions will do before you make them, so you can Influence IntelligentlyTM. The ForecastTM system is available for users with a [Gold Subscription] or higher.

  5. Monitoring & Alerts

    Tackle the problem before it happens! Using out-of-the-box monitors and alerts, you can correct issues before they become incidents. If there is a sudden drop in PE generation or the AutoGod® detects a large proportion of your mortals dying within a short timeframe, the AutoGod® will automatically notify you so you can respond quickly to whatever issue may have arisen. Customize the sensitivity of detection, set severity of alert for various types of issues, time them out for planned extinctions, and choose when and how you want to be notified.


  1. World Profile Management

    See all of your world(s) at a glance with general overviews, apply mass changes across all of your territories, or dive deep into specifics and detailed specs such as molecular makeup and global weather patterns. The AutoGod®’s easy-to-use interface makes keeping track of your worlds simple, so you can save time and Manage What MattersTM.

  2. Terrashare Management

    For those who do not yet control an entire world, those who diversify their world investments, or those who choose to terrashare with other gods, the AutoGod® provides an array of utilities for managing the relationship(s) you have within a specific world or territory. From accessing and updating data to scheduling meetings and coordinating plans, you will find a number of organizational tools at your disposal.

  3. Terra-influencing and TerraGuide®

    Take the difficulty, stress, and tedium out of climate change. What used to take immense amounts of power and skill to do is now fully automated, with the AutoGod® Terra-Influencing System. Simply select from the available options to implement whatever tweaks you desire to the world, in an economic and timely fashion.

    With the TerraGuide® system, the AutoGod® will calculate the most efficient route to enact dramatic shifts to a world’s climate and ecosystems! Instantly know what changes to make, when to make them, and how much they cost; then implement them with the push of a button. Remove the experimentation and guesswork, so you can Spend SensiblyTM. The TerraGuide® system is available for users with a [Gold Subscription] or higher.

  4. Automatic Apocalypse Detection

    Never again worry about something happening to your worlds without your knowledge. With Automatic Apocalypse Detection, you can trust the AutoGod® to immediately inform you if any catastrophic event is detected. With customizable settings, you can ensure that no catastrophe, whether natural or mortalmade, will escape your notice.

  5. NEW!! Divine InterventionTM

    The Divine InterventionTM system allows you to instantaneously enact preventative measures in the event of imminent apocalypse. Choose manual intervention or select from one of our many Sync®-recommended interventions for templates, guides, or automatic intervention on your behalf. Pre-program interventions that self-trigger based on your specified parameters, so even if you aren’t available, your worlds will be safe. Protect Your PlanetsTM with Divine InterventionTM, available for users with a [Gold Subscription] or higher.

World Systems

  1. Cosmos-influencing

    Don’t let your changes be constrained to the surface of the world you control. Take charge of the space surrounding your worlds, with AutoGod® features such as Gravity Adjustment: allowing one to make minor adjustments to orbital trajectories or massively increase gravity to facilitate galactic development; and Micro-Fusion/Micro-Fission: allowing subtle adjustment of the proportions of various atoms. You will find available options and detailed descriptions, arranged conveniently by type and cost.

    As the High Council forbids excessive manipulation of cosmic elements without approval, the services provided by the AutoGod® are limited in their scope for most users. Users with a [Platinum Subscription] can take advantage of Sync®’s trusted board of cosmic architects and legal advisors to fast-track design review and approval, so you can Make Your Dreams RealityTM.

  2. Multi-Planar Integration

    Manage all of your species, worlds, and planes you influence in one convenient location with Multi-Planar Integration. Customize and control the Total Planar Interface to your specifications and have everything you need or want at your [insert-user-appendage-here]tips. Personalize appearance, color, design, and more to make the Total Planar Interface as unique as you! All AutoGod® systems can be readily accessed from the Total Planar Interface.


  1. Multi-Planar Management

    Need to manage not only worlds but entire planes? The AutoGod® obtains comprehensive data on all of your influenced planes, automatically parses it for information relevant to you, and presents it in a user-friendly, digestible format that makes decision-making easy! Zoom in on particular details or apply broad changes across the entire board; The AutoGod® does the difficult work for you for a stress-free planar-influencing experience. This service is provided to users with a [Gold Subscription] and up.


  1. Zehuderan Profile Management

    Automatically track stats such as vitality, PE generation, location, duel status, and more, with the AutoGod® Zehuderan Profile system. Set timers and reminders, receive alerts when your zehuderan is about to resurrect, track PE growth and soul saturation level, and easily organize and keep track of data and notes. This service is provided to users with a [Platinum Subscription] and up.

  2. Persona® Interaction Interface

    Utilizes a deeply customizable but straightforward system that will be especially intuitive for users already familiar with the customization utilized in cornerstones. Easily construct your border-realm and godly avatar with pre-made assets and effects, or utilize our suite of creation tools to build your own original designs. If you are not able to be present at the time of resurrection, you can pre-program themes, responses, and animations for your godly avatar, so your zehuderan never feels as if you are not there for them. Maximize your visual and emotional impact when addressing your zehuderan, with Persona®. This service is provided to users with a [Platinum Subscription] and up.

  3. Matchmaking Service

    Maximize zehuderan PE generation through the Sync® Matchmaking Service, available through the AutoGod® System. Connect with other gods currently raising zehuderan, and find the perfect opponent for your new duelist. List your zehu’s personality, motivations, powers, and fighting style, and peruse a list of available counterparts. Then, use the in-service messaging app to reach out and discuss arrangements, so you can make the Perfect MatchTM. This service is provided to users with a [Platinum Subscription] and up.

  4. Arena Selection Service

    Spend less time reviewing worlds for your zehuderan and more time raising them. Narrow your search for arena worlds using your choice of filters such as: compatible biology, resident species, climate, affiliated god(s), etc. Then, use the in-service messaging app to reach out and discuss arrangements. Or, automate arena world selection entirely and have the AutoGod® select worlds from its “All Duels Permitted” list, prioritized to your preferences.

    Any worlds that you have added to your AutoGod® World Profiles can be listed on the Arena Selection Service. World stats will be automatically uploaded to the service database, and your worlds can easily be flagged as “No Duels”, “Duel By Arrangement” and “All Duels Permitted”. This service is provided to users with a [Platinum Subscription] and up.

  5. Resurrection Services

    The AutoGod® provides automatic death detection and resurrection services for any zehuderan whose profile you have entered into the database, at no additional cost. Choose the resurrection point and seamlessly integrate with your new Persona® system for a smooth and powerful effect. This service is provided to users with a [Platinum Subscription] and up.

Other Services

  1. PE Adaptation and Exchange

    Whenever any changes are made across multiple planes, the AutoGod® automatically adapts the PE used to best suit the unique frequency of energy within each plane, for a seamless experience for mortal and god alike.

    For additional convenience, the AutoGod® also provides PE exchange services; allowing you to directly convert stockpiles of PE to a precise frequency for direct use within any specified plane. No need to bother with a PE exchange firm! Now, for a nominal fee, any user of the AutoGod® system can convert any amount of PE directly from their NexNet device and receive it directly into their PE bank within 1-5 cycles.

We thank you again for choosing to purchase this Sync®-brand AutoGod® System. You and your custom are very important to us here at Sync®.

If you need more information, helpful hints, or support, please see the included walkthrough manual, or contact Customer Service at the AutoGod® Helpdesk on Sync®’s NexNet site. We are here to help you, “AT/ET” (all tetra / every tetra).

*= Included with the [Gold Subscription].
**= Included with the [Platinum Subscription].
***= as determined by Sync®’s panel of qualified data analysts.