About the Series

Playing Gods is a story deeply exploring the concept of power and the consequences of wielding it.

Xriah and Vylis, a pair of superpowered warriors, are forced to duel to the death repeatedly, killing and reviving in an endless cycle. Each duel ferries them to a new dimension from magic filled jungles to post-apocalyptic wastelands to sci-fi utopias, no setting is safe from the crossfire. We explore the dynamic of the two and their effect on the many worlds they arrive on: how the mortal inhabitants handle the unnatural disaster that is the duelists, and how the duelists deal with the drama and bloodshed they inevitably bring.

Xzarius, agent of the goddess Synandri, carries out her bidding as she plays the mysterious games of the realm of the gods. Moving from task to questionable task, they struggle to use their power responsibly, an almost impossible task in the labyrinthine maze of politics and corruption. Playing Gods delves into the dynamics of operating within a fundamentally flawed system, as the goddess and her agent struggle to stay humane in the face of increasingly callous compromises.

The series began as an experiment: late-night back-and-forth writing between the authors as they rekindled an old friendship. The story developed as their relationship did. Several years, several drafts, and a marriage later, the story was picked up by GraphicAudio and produced as an original audiobook production.


Mature content, rated 18+ for extreme violence, language, and explicit sexual content.

Detailed content warnings below:

  • Graphic violence (Consistently through books 1-3)
  • Graphic death (Consistently through books 1-3)
  • Murder (Consistently through books 1-3)
  • Gore (Consistently through books 1-3)
  • Explicit sex (Two scenes in book 1, one in book 2)
  • Sexual violence (Once in book 1, once in book 2)
  • Noncon, due to inability to voice consent (Once in book 1)
  • Suicidal ideation (Once in book 1, once in book 2)
  • PTSD (Consistently through books 1-3)
  • Trauma (Consistently through books 1-3)
  • Alcohol (Once in books 1, 2, and 3.)
  • Drug use (Once in book 1, once in book 2)