About the Authors

Chris Rohan

Chris Rohan grew up in a family of actors, and the influence is obvious. Despite being an introverted soul and not pursuing acting as a career, he has a performative streak and is often playing the quippy comedian.

He loves video games and spent his childhood with controller in hand. When he's not working he's usually gaming, and is particularly inspired by innovation and subversion in the medium. This background informed a lot of his thematic choices regarding Playing Gods.

Chris specializes in dialogue, characters, fast-paced action, and plotlines/plot twists. He does sound design and voice acting for the series.

Karen Rohan

Karen Rohan was an artistic child from eminently practical parents. An avid reader since youth, she's deeply curious and enthusiastic about many topics. She's especially interested in science and its many fields.

Despite being drawn to science, she prefers creating fantastical things, using her broad knowledge to lend her creations an edge of realism. She loves to create worlds and populate them with creatures, and this comes in handy when developing a fictional multiverse.

Karen specializes in detail, descriptive passages, worldbuilding, and vocabulary/syntax. She does illustration and animation for the series.

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